A lot of people wants to know that is Clash of Clans android or there any other game like Clash of Clans for android. Well first of all CoC was made by a company called Supercell.

clash of clans Clash of clans Android : Games Like CoC

Clash of clans for android

Supercell is a table-first company, currently focusing on iOS. There are no plans to release a version of Clash of Clans for any other platform at this time.
They do reevaluate this decision from time to time, but there are no other versions coming in the foreseeable future.

So my answer will be NO. Currently, there are no Android games like Clash of Clans. The closest you can come to Clash of Clans is Galaxy Life and Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventure and even these aren’t that close.

League of Heroes is another game that you will like. Is one of the best games like Clash of Clans though it is not upto the level of Clash of clans Android : Games Like CoC

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